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1st Fed VHA 500 miles A & M Vella Grizzle hen. Only bird on the day.

2012 WPF Bird of the Year for Leigh Wyllie

9th Fed 600 miles for J & L Share VRPU

 Why take up pigeon racing ?


Pigeon racing is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling pastimes or hobbies available. It gives you a sense of purpose and you constantly have something to look forward to. It may be the race season, the breeding season, birds returning from a race or just preparing your birds for a race. Most flyers continue to race all their lives -such is the allure of this sport.

For many people it imparts a sense of structure to their lives and purpose in what they do. It certainly serves as

an enjoyable distraction similar to many sports.

A significant number of flyers enjoy the breeding side of the sport. Their quest is to develop a bloodline with a certain capability. Often the best flyers have achieved this and have a deep understanding and appreciation for their family of birds. This understanding and the bond they have with their birds makes them very competitive flyers. 











Selecting birds for racing on basketing day I & K Thomas VHA

 Double fed hen. 1st Fed 350 & 3rd Fed 300  miles VHA A & M Vella.

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