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Race results

 For federation and club results from all over Australia please click on the link  

 below :



Achievements by PRV to date

 1. Two radio station interviews on pigeon racing 15/11/13 94.3 FM “Dark Star Effect Show” &           8/04 101.9 “Hamish and Andy happy hour  National    show;

  2. VHA race results in 15 local newspapers of the leader group on 8 occasions

  3. WPF race results in 8 local newspapers on 5 occasions ; -(seeking to extend to the VRPU &      GMPF)

  4. Ground work and strong support for the VHA Show 18th May - in particular advertising,             certificates and vendor attendance;

  5. Pigeon racing/VHA caps to flying members of the VHA   allocated 6/05/14

  6. Pigeon racing/WPF caps to flying members of the WPF allocated 5/05/14  -(seeking to               extend this to the VRPU & GMPF)

  7. Construction of a new website for novice flyers- completed 

  8. Twenty six loft reports for the journal – to engage and retain existing flyers

  9. All Federation Squeaker Sale VRPU rooms 22nd February 2015- completed , raised                    $14,150 for several promotional campaigns.

 10. Mentoring three flyers –one ex-flyer and two new.

 11. Article promoting pigeon racing for Beyond Blue on The Mens Shed online 28/02/15

 12. Vic Cup September 2016. Australia's biggest pigeon race. Comprising $195,000 in prize 

       with $100, 000 in first prize. An image building race for the sport.

 13. Squeaker/ stock bird sale at VHA rooms in October 2019.

 14. As at 10/09/20 36 fliers referred to various clubs/federations in Victoria.


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