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Lofts for racing pigeons


Lofts can differ as much as pigeons themselves. Some lofts are simple and made of left over materials and some lofts are palatial.  Winning lofts do not have to be impressive. More often than not they are modest and simple. The most important aspect to a loft is as follows :


  • the birds themselves like the loft

  • the loft is as dry as possible

  • the loft has good ventilation as pigeons require large amounts of oxygen

  • the loft protects the birds from bad weather


The following photos are of current aggregate winning lofts (VRPU GMPF & VHA)  and highlight that many different types can work very well.


Lofts of 2012 VRPU equal aggregate winner Wayne Williams 

  Lofts of Ken Peach Aggregate winner GMPF 2013

  Lofts of Alf & Mark Vella VHA champions 2012.

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