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Mentor Programme and troubleshooting

Pigeon Racing Victoria offers all new Victorian flyers automatic mentorship and guidance. As it takes a little while to know the ins and outs of the sport each new flyer will be allocated two experienced flyers who will offer full support during t​he learning phase. This can entail youngsters as gifts and any

sort of trouble shooting advice. Please email for your allocation.


As a newcomer, there are a number of things to learn. Quite often the fastest way to learn is to ask someone who has been racing pigeons for a longer period of time. Similarly during the course of the year, newcomers will come across problems that are new to them. Our recommendation is that you ask a more experienced flyer for assistance. As part of the PRV mentor programe we assign an experienced flyer to every new flyer to offer guidance and help. Alternatively as a new flyer you can email PRV and we will offer advice as soon as possible.

Joining a racing pigeon club

Most racing clubs in Victoria belong to a federation. The federation organises races for the affiliated clubs to participate in. Where you live determines which club and federation you can join. In Melbourne the VHA covers the suburbs from the north east to the south east and the central. The GMPF covers the eastern and south eastern areas. The VRPU covers the northern areas. Whilst the WPF covers most of the western suburbs. The VPO involves the north west areas. For specific contacts for different clubs please type the following into your web browser :

Second round youngsters for Robbins & Furst VHA 2013

First round babies being weaned November 2014

I & K Thomas VHA

 BCC  8th Federation VHA 500 miles 

  T & A Vasilakopoulos

The following video clips give three explanations of what the sport entails.



For more information you can Google search or YouTube search or search for lots of information from the USA.






BCH 18th Federation VHA 500 miles for T & H Gazis 

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