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Breeding season


For many people who race pigeons, the breeding season is often just as exciting and as much fun as racing itself. The reason for this is because it allows fanciers to trial new pairings with the view that these might turn out to be the champion birds of the race season.


By only breeding off the best performed birds of the preceding race season it allows for a bloodline to be improved and even the creation of a new family or bloodline. It is quite satisfying to be able to create your own family of high performance racing pigeons and many of the best

flyers achieve this. There are many characteristics that make up a champion race bird. Some of these include speed, endurance, orientation, mental tenacity and a love of home and owner.


Some famous Australian bloodlines include Ince, Wickham and Goodger. Famous European bloodlines include Van Loons, Janssens, Houbens 

and Vandenabeles.


Different families or bloodlines excel at different distances and at different velocities and conditions. It is up to each individual flyer to determine which races he or she likes the most and which bloodline are most compatible for the way the birds are kept or managed. Some flyers for example enjoy being competitive only in the short fast races. Others like the longest races. Some flyers like all races and will keep all round performing families like the Van Loons or Gaby's or will keep a number of different bloodlines to be competitive for the entire race season.


Often it is a question of compatibility and different flyers gravitate to different bloodlines because they suit the loft or the racing and training regimes. Part of the fun is this process of discovery and finding what you enjoy the most. 

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